Since 1987, we have fielded more than 1,400 volunteers — including nearly 160 Land O’Lakes, Inc. staff and cooperative members — to 27 countries

Morocco is a country with a favorable climate for growing food year-round; however, the country relies heavily on food imports to feed its population and suffers from some serious environmental challenges including soil erosion, water pollution and water depletion. Forests too are an important natural resource in Morocco, providing economic opportunities and supporting ecological stability. However, forests face exploitation by location populations in the absence of alternative economic opportunities and lack of laws prohibiting misuse.
In partnership with the High Atlas Foundation (HAF), a Moroccan non-profit organization, the USAID Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Farmer-to-Farmer program worked in Morocco to advance sustainable agriculture and forestry activities with the dual purpose of enhancing economic growth. The program sent short-term technical volunteers from the United States to HAF-identified host organizations to work on finding solutions, like introduction of weather-resilient food production methods, train on how to add increase yields and quality of fruits and nuts, and build awareness of sustainable rural development practices.

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