Ukraine Agricultural
Marketing Program
AMP  2003-2007

Helped fruit and vegetable producers, processors, wholesalers and retailers create strong and enduring commercial linkages

The Ukraine Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) provided development services, value chain strengthening, association building, market information systems, SME capacity building, and general market development for high-value crops. Implemented by Land O’Lakes International Development and funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the project helped small- and medium-sized fruit and vegetable producers, fruit and vegetable processors, wholesalers and retailers to create strong and enduring commercial linkages. The project emphasized high-value crops, especially vegetables, fruits and berries, to meet the rapidly-growing demands of the domestic market with the sufficient quality and quantity of fresh produce they sought.

The approach supported farmers through the introduction of modern production technologies and practices; more effective and efficient input supply services; improved cleaning, sorting and packaging standards; as well as increased access to available inputs, credit, contracting arrangements and legal support. The project worked through four key components of the market chain, including:
  1. Commercial Farming: technical training, demonstration plots, farming as a business modeling
  2. Market Development: technical assistance and training in supply chain management, product marketing and merchandising, post-harvest handling, and export market development
  3. Producer Associations/Organizations: organizational development and strengthening for farmer groups, producer groups, associations and cooperatives
  4. Development of Market Information System (MIS): management information system (MIS) to support enhanced decision-making regarding marketing needs
AMP achieved impressive results, including over $14.7 million in produce sales directly facilitated by AMP and $29 million in additional sales (from revenue gains and cost savings). In addition, 4,745 seasonal and 1,096 permanent jobs were created on client farms, with an estimated value of $4.72 million. Five years after the project closed, the Market Information System that the project founded,, has become the leading market information service for fresh produce in the former Soviet Union. It still attracts more than 30,000 users monthly