We strengthened the
quality of value-added
products in Macedonia
It is difficult for producers and processors to gain market share when consumers have little or no confidence in their products. In 1991, when Macedonia declared independence, that was its challenge. In its 74 years as a territory of Yugoslavia, Macedonia’s production, prices, incomes and other economic decisions had been centrally determined by the government in Belgrade. Food producers did not have relationships with local wholesalers and retailers. Consumers had minimal name recognition of Macedonian products, because they were accustomed to Yugoslavian goods. The challenges facing the local agricultural sector were huge.

Since responding to consumer needs has been at the core of Land O’Lakes' heritage for nearly a century, the company had concrete ideas about how to help. In Macedonia, with a market of 2 million people, our sustainable technical interventions developed an effective consumer awareness campaign to improve the perception of products “made in Macedonia” and strengthen the quality of value-added meat and dairy products.

Past Programs

Seal of Quality and Agribusiness Assistance for Macedonia

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