Food for Education
FFE  2010-2014

Improved enrollment, attendance and retention in girls' primary schools

In 2010, just one-third of girls’ primary schools were open in Sindh province’s Jacobabad district. Primary school enrollment rates stood at 49 percent, with just 36 percent of girls enrolled. To improve enrollment, attendance and retention in Jacobabad’s schools, Land O’Lakes led a Food for Education program funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Each month, the program distributed four liters of soybean oil to 30,000 schoolgirls, 700 teachers and 2,500 mothers.

As part of this initiative, the program created an environment where girls could grow their confidence and excel in school through organized sports competitions in 30 schools and 10 debate competitions among all girls’ schools in Jacobabad district. Furthermore, Land O’Lakes advocated for institutional changes to ensure sustainability by boosting parent and community involvement in promoting girls’ education. The program revived 154 School Management Committees, which continue to advocate for girls’ enrollment in schools beyond the life of the program.

To promote health and hygiene, Land O’Lakes provided clean drinking water to all urban schools and 138 rural schools in Jacobabad. The program improved the facilities of 25 basic health units, which enabled an increasing number of women to receive care and immunizations.