Rural Enterprise for
Alleviating Poverty II
REAP II  2012-2015

Enhanced productivity and market access across aquaculture, hoticulture and livestock sub-sectors

Land O’Lakes, under the leadership of Winrock International, supported smallholder farmers to increase food production. The REAP II program, funded by a USDA Food for Progress award, provided technical assistance that helped farmers establish 41 Agro Business and Service Centers (ABSC) and 300 producer groups. REAP II formed public-private partnerships with leading agribusinesses and trade firms to enable a sustained flow of information, inputs, product delivery and output marketing services to rural smallholders. Nearly 360 farmers applied new technologies or management practices as a result of this project, and 513 ABSCs were linked with traders and input sellers.

Increasing dietary diversity is crucial for combating food insecurity, especially among women. REAP II trained 3,000 female farmers in new techniques for producing nutritious foods they can sell at markets. The different types of technical training provided by the project increased farmers’ confidence levels as they successfully implemented their skills at the field and farm levels. Overall, household earnings by over $250 per year.