Sending American volunteers on short-term assignments to address needs of agribusinesses and farmers

Since 1987, we have been delivering a range of agricultural expertise to developing countries via the John Ogonowski and Doug Bereuter Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) program. F2F sends American volunteers on short-term assignments to address needs of agribusinesses and farmers.

Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, we are leading a five-year $6.25 million F2F program focused on food quality and safety (FSQ). Bangladesh, Egypt and Lebanon face considerable food safety and quality challenges. To increase productivity and profitability in the agriculture sectors, Land O’Lakes International Development is implementing F2F FSQ to address the important issues of food safety and quality with highly qualified volunteers. Volunteers assist and train others on good agricultural, veterinary and manufacturing practices in order to improve the local food safety protocols and quality assurance systems from “field-to-fork.”

Volunteers and our local employees work in each country to increase the awareness of the F2F program as a way to build deeper connections to the communities we are supporting. We also support, coach and mentor our returned volunteers on how they can best share their experiences with personal and professional networks.

Since 1987, we have sent more than 1,400 U.S. highly qualified volunteers — including 160 of our affiliate Land O’Lakes, Inc. staff  and cooperative members — on assignments in 27 countries. As a quality-driven food company, Land O’Lakes, Inc. is uniquely positioned to drive improvements in food safety and quality by off ering a broad range of agricultural technical expertise.

F2F initiatives generate rapid, sustained and broadbased economic growth in the agricultural sector. These programs also promote international goodwill, an understanding of U.S. foreign assistance programs and private involvement in development activities. 

See the list of available international volunteer opportunities.

For further information on how you can become involved, please click on the available opportunities link above, or contact:

Sadie Paschke, Program Specialist:  (651) 375-6840 (direct)
Gretchen Hanson, Program Specialist:  (651) 375-3577 (direct)