Bangladesh Dairy
Enhancement Program

Improved productivity and expanding trade through private sector engagement

The Bangladesh Dairy Enhancement Program (BDEP) was a dairy development project, funded by USDA through its FFP initiative and implemented by Land O’ Lakes International Development. BDEP’s goals at the highest level of the project were to increase the productivity of dairy farming in Bangladesh, and to increase trade in milk dairy products.

The three components of BDEP were integrated at both a strategic design level, and at a local level, where a milk collection center (MCC) is located close to the farmers who are supplying milk and who are receiving training from advisory services established by dairy company partners; in addition, a source of good quality animal nutrition is to be found in the local mini-agribusiness, the “MAB.”
BDEP undertook dairy development activities in the Khulna and Rajshahi Divisions of Bangladesh. It actively sought private sector engagement, and hence it partnered with three of the largest dairy companies in Bangladesh, AKIJ Food and Beverage Ltd, BRAC Dairy and Food and PRAN Dairy Ltd.  

Together with our dairy company partners and Uttaran our local NGO partner, more than 10,000 farmers were trained in such a manner that strongly encouraged farmers to implement a large proportion of the practices described in this manual. In addition, eighty milk chilling centers were established at village level, in order that farmers receiving training were linked to the formal market, with the benefit of sustainability that this brings.