Zambia Fodder Pilot Project
ZFP  2012-2014

Built resilience against weather-related disasters

Cyclical droughts and floods have devastated livestock-keeping households in two rangelands of Zambia’s Southern and Western provinces, forcing farmers to sell off their livestock and productive assets. To help families develop resilience to erratic rainfall patterns and other economic stresses, Land O’Lakes implemented ZFP, which developed, tested and documented best practices in sustainable fodder production and storage, while ensuring optimal nutrition for herds. The program published and disseminated a manual to stakeholders, and coached 50 Trainers of Trainers to pass on these techniques to others in the region. Through funding from the USAID/OFDA, ZFP provided technical expertise in fodder management to 830 agro-pastoralist families and members of their households living in Choma, Kazungula and Sesheke districts. ZFP also linked farmers to markets, including fodder seed farms, to help sustain cost-savings and profits. More than 30,000 people benefited from this program.