Consortium for Food Security, Agriculture
and Nutrition, AIDS, Resiliency and Markets
C-FAARM  2007-2011

Transitioned farmers to sustainable livelihoods

Led by Catholic Relief Services (CRS), this USAID Food for Peace program helped vulnerable groups in Western and Southern Provinces recover from shocks and restore their farming livelihoods. In partnership with CRS, World Vision, and CARE, Land O’Lakes transitioned 913 farmers, including 230 female-headed households, from food aid to sustainable livelihood activities by integrating them into smallholder dairy farming entities. Farmers developed production, animal health, and business management skills. C-FAARM linked farmers to nine formal markets to help them sustain profits, delivered technical support to over 60 livestock extension service providers, and boosted milk production by 30 percent to double smallholder farmers’ earned income. The program promoted nutrition, health, hygiene and dietary diversity to help participants infected with HIV/AIDS recover from malnutrition.