Tanzania Dairy
Development Program

Increased incomes, and expanded markets and production along the dairy value chain

From “cow to consumer,” Land O’Lakes improved commercial milk production, processing, marketing and consumer awareness of dairy products across Tanzania, effectively integrating small dairy farmers into the value chain. TDDP, which was funded by a Food For Progress grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), connected farmers to processors, traders and consumers to develop sustainable linkages and, as a result, increased milk production, sales and quality.

In addition to training producers in animal husbandry and health, TDDP provided training in safe milk handling techniques, good hygiene practices, manufacturing practices and milk testing procedures. TDDP partnered with cooperatives and local processors to improve the dairy cold chain and infrastructure in 85 milk collection and processing facilities. The program also provided training to processors on business management and operation of new technologies. Two successful media campaigns were coordinated to increase consumer awareness on the nutritional benefits of processed milk and milk products. Land O’Lakes focused on integrating female producers, processors, and cooperative leaders into core activities, leveraging the natural strengths women bring to dairy production and animal care.