Innovations in Gender Equality
to Promote Household Food Security

Enhanced women’s participation in the agricultural sector, improving food security

Women form 52 percent of Tanzania’s agricultural work force and carry out most of the sector’s labor activities,
yet they have limited decision-making power because of their reduced access to financial resources, inputs
and land ownership. Implemented by Land O’Lakes International Development and with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the IGE program set up a Centre for the Advancement of
Women in Agriculture in Tanzania (CAWAT). CAWAT Minnesota issued calls for agricultural innovations that were designed to reduce women’s labor and enhance productivity.

The program reached one million households through radio broadcasts, awarded 41 grants to pilot and scale innovations and had 2,500 participants trained in gender sensitization. CAWAT is still active today and is currently collaborating with the Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank.