Cooperative Development
Activity 4 (CD4)

Advancing cooperatives in Rwanda and Malawi to improve their enabling environment, capacity and resources to meet the evolving needs of their members.

Through CD4, Land O’Lakes International Development will strengthen the enabling environment for cooperative organizations through tailored technical assistance to apex organizations and by transitioning the established cooperative learning platform to local ownership. In collaboration with these apex organizations, we will also provide technical support to primary cooperatives to strengthen their business performance and self-reliance.

Finally, we will respond to a locally-defined learning agenda to drive local and international research on the Rwandan and Malawian cooperative sectors. We will disseminate the learnings locally and internationally through a large network of cooperative development organizations. 

The impact of CD4 will be bolstered by combining our nearly 40 years of international agriculture development knowledge with the extensive cooperative development experience of our affiliate, Land O’Lakes, Inc., a $14 billion U.S.-based cooperative.