Malawi Dairy Development Alliance

Reduced poverty and hunger by strengthening the smallholder dairy industry.

The USAID-funded MDDA program supported 23 milk bulking groups (MBGs), which helped farmers
access credit, inputs and markets. This initiative helped to develop economies of scale in milk production,
collection and processing. The for-profit, value chain approach to developing the dairy sector not only
ensured sustained incomes, but it also improved nutrition for 14,000 individuals in the country’s Central
and Northern Regions. MDDA’s activities primarily focused on herd placement and management, MBG
capacity building, support for input suppliers and producers and soya production. It also mainstreamed
gender and HIV/AIDS efforts into all activities.

MDDA accelerated expansion of the commercial dairy herd through procurement and placement, coordination
of heifer pass-on loans, and supplemental trainings on animal husbandry and heat synchronization.