Reducing food insecurity of vulnerable communities by addressing malnutrition, agricultural productivity and resilience

In partnership with Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) and Association Intercooperation Madagascar, Land O’Lakes is implementing an innovative food security program in Madagascar called ASOTRY. Meaning “harvest” in Malagsy, ASOTRY is addressing the underlying causes of food insecurity to improve malnutrition, agricultural productivity and household resilience.
ASOTRY is supporting vulnerable households in three major areas:
  •    Improved nutritional status of mothers and children under age five
  •    Increased sustainable access to food
  •    Improved disaster preparedness and natural resource management
With a focus on seven communes located in the Atsimo-Andrefana region’s Betioky and Ampanihy districts, Land O’Lakes is leading ASOTRY’s livestock component. Through this component, ASOTRY is addressing the main challenges that prevent the sector’s growth in Madagascar. This includes efforts to expand perceptions of livestock as an asset, increase farmers’ skills in managing livestock as a business, and increase their knowledge of the benefits of improving livestock nutrition. By fostering linkages among farmers, producers and microenterprises, lucrative markets are being developed to satisfy local, regional and national demand. As part of this effort, ASOTRY is training producers on business development skills, exposing farmers to improved tools and equipment, providing Village Savings and Loan schemes and enhancing access to credit for actors across the value chain. ASOTRY is also improving husbandry practices, and increasing access to veterinary support services, feed and fodder resources, and livestock marketing centers. Whenever possible, we are promoting climate-smart approaches to rangeland management that harness the ability of livestock to be part of the solution – instead of a cause – of climate change