Food for Progress

Introduced goat production, and improved meat processing safety and standards

Funded by USDA, Land O’Lakes led an FFP initiative to revitalize Liberia’s meat processing industry, and restore food safety and quality standards by promoting commercial goat production and meat processing. Producers “passed on” their first two female goats to other farmers in the program to ensure this effort would benefit the maximum number of participants. Land O’Lakes promoted ownership of improved cattle breeds to increase productivity and strengthen the meat value chain in Monrovia.

FFP worked to improve food safety by renovating a privately-owned slaughter facility, and constructed a new abattoir in Monrovia for processing and storing high-quality, hygienic beef, goat and sheep meat, which has on-site cold storage. In peri-areas, the program introduced simple, safe and washable slaughter slabs that now permit meat to be processed hygienically. In collaboration with the Government of Liberia, the program trained and certified processors in safe handling techniques and developed a seal of quality. This initiative also prevented and treated animal diseases by rebuilding local capacity for veterinary, animal health and livestock husbandry extension services. We trained Community-based Animal Health Workers to have the ability to provide vaccinations, basic disease diagnosis, treatment and referral for more thorough care.