Kenya Food for Progress
KFP  2006-2010

Increased farm level productivity

Almost 26,000 farmers received technical support on artificial insemination, feed conservation, business linkages and management through this program funded by USDA. In three years, 87 percent of clients increased their yields and 89 percent reported more income from dairy. The construction of 118 communal water projects transformed life for 16,500 residents – significantly reducing the water-fetching burden for women.

Selected KFP Impacts
  •    1,250 service providers trained in artificial insemination and feed conservation
  •    35,687 farmers trained in animal husbandry
  •    36.8% increase in average milk sales, leading to a 69% increase in household incomes 
  •    17,000 farmers registered in 77 milk bulking groups
  •    365 staff from rural dairy processors trained in value addition (e.g. yoghurt)   
  •    13,500 farmers in 65 producer groups linked to financial institutions