Empowering New Generations
to Improve Nutrition and
Economic Opportunities

Leading food security and economic strengthening efforts to improve agricultural production and prevent under-nutrition

Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and in collaboration with Save the Children, Land O’Lakes worked in 100 woredas, or districts, to increase household incomes and improve access to food among Ethiopia’s most vulnerable groups, especially women, youth and people affected by HIV.

Land O’Lakes helped smallholder farmers develop better management practices and apply new technologies, including planting multipurpose trees that prevent erosion, produce livestock feed, provide a source of energy for the household and provide perimeter fencing. The program also focused on promoting improved seed varieties.

To improve access to financial services, ENGINE established community-based savings and loan’s groups. A Farmers Training Center (FTC) was used to teach best practices, while school gardens were planted to showcase a diverse array of vegetables, including demonstrations on how they should optimally be cooked. To help improve food safety, ENGINE taught proper food processing and storage techniques. Partners raised awareness – often in schools – of the importance of having a diverse diet. ENGINE also improved the quality and delivery of nutrition and health care services through malnutrition screenings. To strengthen the country’s ability to respond to crises, the program strengthened institutional capacity from the government to the village level.
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Have helped 6,743 households to improve nutrition and increase income as of October 2015