Promoting stability, economic
growth and job creation across
the Middle East and North Africa.

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Middle East and North Africa

Our strategy in the Middle East and North Africa focuses on building resilience, with an emphasis on programming in food security, livelihoods, inclusive growth and finance, disaster risk reduction and conflict mitigation.

We are currently implementing programs across the region in various agricultural, dairy and livestock value chains with, special focus on supporting sustainable innovative and market-driven solutions that can help positively transform lives and bring enhanced prosperity to the Mideast region.

In Yemen, our program aims to increase sustainable economic opportunities and decrease food insecurity by strengthening and adding value to the coffee, horticultural crops, honey, artistic crafts, and livestock value chains.

In two countries with abundant agricultural potential, Lebanon and Egypt, Land O’Lakes currently implements Farmer-to-Farmer under a Leader with Associates (LwA) award. In both countries, our projects focus on enhancing food quality and safety, and increasing access to agricultural finance.

Current Programs in the Middle East and North Africa


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