Bangladesh Dairy
Enhancement Program

Improving productivity and expanding the trade of dairy products

Funded by a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food for Progress award, Land O’Lakes International Development is increasing agricultural productivity by training farmers on improved animal husbandry, raising awareness about animal nutrition and improving formal domestic milk trade and competitiveness along the dairy value chain. To strengthen the private sector and to achieve sustainability, BDEP is partnering with local processors to co-invest in new milk collection centers, which will provide market linkage for our 10,000 client farmers while maintaining the quality of raw milk. Opportunities have been identified to establish mini- provide services needed by smallholder farmers, but which are presently not available.

As a result of its activities, BDEP will substantially increase dairy producers’ incomes and provide farmers with the technical assistance needed to further grow and develop. Importantly, this will be achieved in a manner which builds the capabilities and capacities of advisory services, and will enable these activities to continue after the completion of the USDA-funded project.