Food for Progress

MERCADO Food for Progress

Mozambique Expansion of Rural Cattle and Dairy Opportunities (MERCADO) is a Food for Progress (FFP) initiative funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). In partnership with Tillers International, MERCADO will increase agricultural productivity and expand the potential for trade among 10,000 dairy participants, including smallholder farmers, mini-agribusinesses, processors, feed manufacturers, cooperatives and commercial breeders.

MERCADO will build on the successful work developed through past USDA investments in both Manica and Sofala provinces to further catalyze private sector investments across the dairy value chain. To increase agricultural productivity, MERCADO is training dairy producers on improved dairy practices and farm management, expanding access of dairy inputs, and facilitating access to finance for dairy producers, input suppliers, aggregators, processors and retailers. 

MERCADO is also working to expand trade by training producers and processors on improved post-production practices, scaling aggregation models of delivery of raw milk and improving the policy. 

With USDA’s investment, MERCADO is expected to catalyze ten-fold growth in dairy production in Manica and Sofala provinces by 2026. The dairy industry in those provinces is expected to be a $20M+ industry, engaging 250 small and medium enterprises, hundreds of smallholder farmers and a range of private sector players creating over 1000 jobs.