Food for Progress

MERCADO Food for Progress

MERCADO is a Food for Progress initiative funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Over the course of five years, MERCADO will continue to build the capacity of dairy producers, cooperatives, and processors to improve their productivity, as well as their milk quality and business practices.

In partnership with Tillers International, the project aims to increase agricultural productivity in the dairy sector. To do this, MERCADO is training dairy producers on improved dairy practices and farm management, expanding access of dairy inputs, and facilitating access to finance for dairy producers and input suppliers to enable them to invest in and expand their business.

Additionally, MERCADO is working to expand trade of agricultural products in the dairy sector. The project is training producers and processors on improved post-production practices, scaling aggregation models of delivery of raw milk, facilitating access to finance to aggregators, processors, and retailers, and improving the policy and regulatory framework through a dairy association.

Read the MERCADO fact sheet here.