Food for Progress

Boosting agricultural productivity and expanding trade of fruits and vegetables in Malawi

MSIKA is a USDA-funded FFP program catalyzing increased value addition and income for value chain actors across Malawi. In partnership with Michigan State University and TechnoServe, and in alliance with Partners in Food Solutions, MSIKA  is doing this by facilitating improved processing, increased crop productivity and improved post-harvest handling (PHH) and storage. MSIKA is also supporting the creation of market linkages between farmers and processors to make domestic trade more efficient and increase future exports opportunities. 

To boost agricultural productivity in the fruit and vegetable sector, MSIKA is facilitating access to finance, increasing the availability of improved inputs and infrastructure to support on-farm production, and training farmers on improved agricultural techniques, technologies and farm management. The program is working across the following value chains: mangoes, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, citrus, guava and chilies.

Additionally, MSIKA is working to expand trade of these agricultural products in Malawi by improving quality of post-production, training producers and processors on improved post-production processes, facilitating improved linkages between buyers and sellers, improving market and trade infrastructure, and facilitating improved management of buyer/seller groups.