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We support human and animal health and nutrition to ensure that both farmers and their productive assets can grow and thrive as part of a “One Health” focus. 

We place a particular focus on ensuring children are properly nourished during the first 1,000 days. This includes guidance on the production and preparation of nutritious foods, promotion of exclusive breastfeeding during the first six months, and diverse diets thereafter for infants and children that include nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits and animal based foods.

We provided pregnant and lactating women maternal immunizations through the Pakistan Food for Education program.
Achieving adequate nutrition is not a simple matter of ensuring that people produce the right foods or have enough income to buy them.  In many cultures, intra-household food distribution practices may favor children and men over women, resulting in women of reproductive age becoming malnourished.  This can cause women to give birth to low weight babies, who experience the greatest difficulties achieving normal growth.  Commonly, poor peoples’ diets consist largely of grain staples, such as maize meal in East and Southern Africa, wheat-based foods in Ethiopia and MENA countries, and rice in West Africa, Madagascar and Asia.  This may be due to lack of production of other foods, insufficient incomes to purchase other foods, or the sale of nutritious foods to generate incomes.  Unfortunately, consumption of grain staples does not enable sufficient nutrient intake for healthy growth.

A critical function of agriculture is to add to the supply of nutritious foods to ensure children are properly nourished during the first 1,000 days of life.  Land O'Lakes supports the proper nutrition of pregnant and lactating women, and exclusive breastfeeding during the first six months of life.  After the first six months, we promote the importance of infants and young children consuming adequate and nutrient-dense foods.  To avoid chronic malnutrition or “stunting” – a condition that increases susceptibility to physical and cognitive disability throughout life, young children must achieve sufficient linear growth by age two.

"I got the awareness late, but a little late is better than never."

Nihalan (client, six months into her pregnancy)

To maximize the effectiveness of nutrition interventions:

  •    Land O'Lakes analyses the reasons why people do not consume a diverse diet, and develops and implements social and behavior change communication approaches and messages that enhance consumption of higher quality diets.
  •    We support agricultural producers through building and strengthening value chains.  Often, nutrient-dense products command the highest market prices, thus providing a significant income source to farmers.
  •    Land O'Lakes supports marketing efforts that build consumer awareness regarding the high nutrient value of such products, which is mutually beneficial for both consumers and farmers.  It also builds demand for the product and creates an incentive for farmers to produce more of it.
  •    We include food preservation, such as drying, canning and cold storage, in our nutrition strategy.  This ensures that foods produced on the farm can be consumed safely during much of the year, as well as within markets many miles away.
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25,560 people benefited from from improved health and nutrition services and messages
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