Area of Practice:
Food Safety and
Quality Assurance

Ensuring all actors across the value chain apply best practices in maintaining food safety

Much of the food supplied to meet the growing population demands will be produced and value added in developing countries. Value added food accounts for 80 percent of all food sales and participation in this market opportunity will generate investment, employment, and trade for developing countries. In order to capitalize upon these opportunities developing countries need to upgrade food technology and food quality standards. Land O’Lakes Inc. is committed to applying its agribusiness and food safety skills and knowledge to solve the problem of world hunger and meeting the increasing global demand for food.

Since 1981, Land O'Lakes has successfully applied both world-class and other appropriate technologies to improve food safety and quality assurance. It is also critical that such systems be preventative, sustainable, flexible, utilize the latest scientific technologies as applicable and plus be able to adapt to the changing environments around the world. Food safety begins in the field and must be applied at every step of the supply chain including the home! Tapping into our vast food safety industry knowledge network, we play a substantive role in facilitating dialogue and collaboration between the public and private sectors in order to develop food safety standards that help ensure consumer safety and expand regional and international trade.

In an effort to harmonize food standards within the East African Community and Common Market for East and Southern Africa, Land O’Lakes assisted 13 countries to develop and accept international standards for a wide variety of dairy products. In 2013, Land O’Lakes helped consumers in developing countries have access to safe, affordable and quality locally-produced foods by providing technical support to advance or establish six processing plants. We promoted new technologies and practices that strengthened food management systems and ensure food safety, which were adapted by 18 plants and groups.

Land O’Lakes also works with the food industry to upgrade food safety and quality assurance systems and food product specifications to meet market requirements and tap unmet consumer demand. Additionally, Land O'Lakes is a food industry leader in the implementation of the globally accepted quality assurance program such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s).

Our strategies include:

  •    Assisting multi-national packaged consumer goods food companies to upgrade procurement,  and develop traceability, processing and distribution systems
  •    Aiding processors with new product development – including nutritionally enhanced foods to provide an important source of vitamins and minerals for people vulnerable to malnutrition
  •    Targeted, adaptable subject specific food safety and quality assurance training in developing countries so real-life local issues can be identified and eliminated to improve the livelihoods of small shareholder farmers and their families
Click here for our Food Safety and Quality Assurance Fact Sheet

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