Transforming lives by engaging in
agriculture and enterprise partnerships
that replace poverty with prosperity
and dependency with self-reliance

Our Areas of Practice

One of Land O'Lakes International Development's greatest strengths is in the breadth and depth of technical expertise we bring to our projects. By leveraging nearly a century of world class corporate technical expertise, we help farmers identify profitable market opportunities, improve the quality and quantity of what they produce, link them to productivity-enhancing inputs and services, and promote healthy and functioning markets that link buyers and sellers.  

Core to this effort is helping farmers move from subsistence to farming as a business, and working with the local private sector to invest in rural economies. This private sector approach catalyzes long-term, inclusive development, where donor-initiated projects have long-term, tangible results that last because they are market-driven.  Farmers reap benefits, communities begin to innovate, and the private sector and government become more responsive to the needs of the farmers that comprise a country’s core agricultural workforce.  We also help to accelerate viable enterprises for greater growth and investment.
We have prioritized our Core Areas of Practice – Resilience, Crops, Dairy/Livestock, Market Access, Food Safety and Quality Assurance, and Enterprise Acceleration – because they address the most important opportunities and challenges facing farmers and agribusinesses. Gender, the Environment and Nutrition are integrated across nearly all of our programs, to not only ensure we not only do no harm, but also to optimize benefits and create lasting impact wherever we work.