Transforming lives by engaging in
agriculture and enterprise partnerships
that replace poverty with prosperity
and dependency with self-reliance

Our practice area approaches

While our work helps strengthen numerous agricultural value chains – including crops, dairy and livestock – we believe lasting change means supporting market systems approaches that facilitate trust, collaboration and networks beyond those directly involved with agricultural production, processing and marketing.

These approaches catalyze positive, systemic change and increase resilience of local actors. This includes promoting competitiveness through collaboration with governments and industry associations, facilitating economic inclusion, and the creation of appropriate financial products that meet farmers’ and businesses’ needs.

We go one step further to combine these approaches with the expertise and technologies of our commercial affiliate Land O’ Lakes, Inc. and subsidiaries Purina Animal Nutrition and WinField Solutions. 
We prioritize development of agricultural and economic development efforts that promote climate smart agriculture and household nutrition, and foster inclusion of women and youth.

These market system approaches help attract the private sector investments that are needed to promote innovation, economic growth and the emergence of local leaders who can effectively advocate for policies and services. We believe that this ultimately brings economic development and transforms communities and nations long-term. 
We have prioritized our Core Areas of Practice – Resilience, Crops, Dairy/Livestock, Market Access, Food Safety and Quality Assurance, and Enterprise Acceleration – because they address the most important opportunities and challenges facing farmers and agribusinesses. Gender, the Environment and Nutrition are integrated across nearly all of our programs, to not only ensure we not only do no harm, but also to optimize benefits and create lasting impact wherever we work.